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At the matinee on Sunday, June 2 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Svenja Badziura will be showing her six-meter-long diploma work and other drawings that she created plain air on the banks of the Ise in Gifhorn.

Svenja Badziura: “SOLANUM - inner and outer landscape”

... is a fascinating artistic journey that explores the connection between man and nature. Svenja Baziura's works create a poetic world in which the boundaries between the external environment and the human psyche become blurred. She draws inspiration from ancient trees, rivers and wild animals, and at a time when natural habitats are under threat, her series of works “SOLANUM” seems to be a retreat that recalls past stories while emphasizing the importance of a harmonious relationship with nature. It is inspiring to see how art invites us to reflect on our connection to the environment and to protect it.

Bildergalerie von der Ausstellung - bitte hier klicken

Fotografie:  Lothar Müller & Rüdiger Rodloff

Aktuelle Nachricht:

Eunjeong Kim, Stipendiatin der Bösenberg-Stiftung 2023 im Künstlerhaus Meinersen,  erhält das diesjährige Jahresstipendium des Niedersächsischen Ministeriums für Wissenschaft und Kultur.


Wir freuen uns mit Ihr und gratulieren herzlichst !

Das gesamte Künstlerhaus-Team

Eunjeong Kim  -  Bildergalerie von der Ausstellung im Künstlerhaus - hier klicken

Final exhibition of the Bösenberg Foundation scholarship holders

Figurative drawing and painting from Ukraine - war, flight, arrival

Kateryna Tkachenko ∙ Iryna Vorona ∙ Dmytro Dotsenko

Opening hours: April 12 - May 5, 2024, Thurs., Sat. and Sun. from 3-6 p.m.

Picture gallery of the current exhibition  
to the picture gallery --> click here

Opening, photographed by Lothar Müller
to the picture gallery - click here

Jochen Weise, Iryna Vorona, Dirk Bösenberg, Kataryna Tkachenko, Andreas Schuster


Art & Communication  -   "POP-ART   He / She / It"

Strategies of important female pop art artists - Picture lecture by Paula Gauß


Paula Gauß,

art historian at the HBK Braunschweig, summarizes the female art historiography of pop art in an image-rich lecture and discusses the artistic strategies of the pop art female artists.

The event takes place in cooperation with the equal opportunities officer of the Meinersen municipality, Barbara Haferkamp-Weber.

Snapshots of the event  - please click

Vortrag in der Reihe Kunst und Kommunikation am 9.11. 2023

Neo Rauch, Bann, 2011, 6-farbige Tusche- u. Kreidelithografie auf Bütten

Summer academy at the Künstlerhaus

The summer academy gives you new perspectives and impulses for your own artistic work. You will be accompanied by a team of current and former scholarship holders of the Künstlerhaus. Thanks to funding from the Lüneburg Regional Association, you will work in small groups and can be looked after individually. We try to take all wishes into account as best as possible when dividing them into groups. An exchange is always possible on site, just ask the artist team!

Der letzte Auftritt - zwei Jahre später

Eine LandArt-Installation von  Wolfgang Buntrock und Frank Nordiek


zur aktuellen Bildergalerie - bitte klicken !

Work results from the summer academy 2022


(fotografiert von Rüdiger Rodloff)

Ablauf der Veranstaltung:

(fotografiert von Lothar Müller)

Gruppe: Olga Monina

Gruppe: Marc Taschowsky

Gruppe: Maria Trezinski

Gruppe: Anja Warzecha

Gruppe: Jochen Weise

zu den Bildergalerien - bitte klicken

Auftakt        - Vorstellung der Dozenten

Teilnehmer  - bei der Arbeit

Abschluss   - Ausstellung und Sommerfest

zu den Bildergalerien - bitte klicken


Review - Exhibition from June 3rd to June 25th, 2023

Exhibition in the artist house

"A Sense of Place"

Anja Warzecha


Photo galleries (please click) :

R. Rodloff - Pictures of the exhibition

L. Müller   -  vernissage, 2.6. 2023

L. Müller   -  Visit of the municipal administration of Meinersen, 8.6. 2023


Lecture series Art & Communication

Lecture on March 23, 2023, at 7 p.m. in the artist house Meinersen

Topic: Opportunities of art therapy


Sabrina Gebhard  - The image as our "creature"

Head of the  AuE creative school eV, Hanover


Art therapy uses human creativity and creative power. This allows the limits of language to be overcome. IInner images and moods can often be expressed better with art therapy methods than with a purely verbal therapy approach. The process of design alone has great therapeutic potential.


In the lecture, basic theoretical assumptions will be outlined and selected modes of action of art therapy will be presented. Against this background, Ms. Gebhard's experiences with different working approaches in practical work are clearly illustrated and illustrated with examples.


Sabrina Gebhard


Eunjeong Kim

"Floating painting"   - Between analogue and digital

picture gallery

Duration: February 25 to March 19, 2023,  Thursday, Saturday and Sunday  3 p.m. to 6 p.m


This is what the artist says about her painting:


"When I paint, I don't just have a two-dimensional image in mind, I also imagine several layers of lines, surfaces and colors overlapping and mixing in three dimensions.  Through the implementation of painting in 3D , I try to make spatiality visible and with the help of computer technology it is then possible to move between the different  painterly elements as part of the 3D painting."


 Light artist Bernd Schulz


Pictures of the light art in Seershausen -Please click here

Light art in Seershausen


Windrose Kopie-500.png

A walk through Seershausen

Stroll through the old town center of Seershausen and discover the reflective motifs that relate to Seershausens 1000-year history.

For this you need a special  UV flashlight (can be borrowed from the Künstlerhaus for a deposit of 5 euros), because the light artwork does not use fossil fuels almost entirely.

The motifs only appear when they are illuminated with UV light from a photovoltaic system or flashlight. They will fade all by themselves in the coming weeks or months and disappear in an environmentally friendly way.

Pictures of the light art in Seershausen -Please click here


Work results from the Fall Academy 2022 - picture gallery


Olga Ulman

Guilty Pleasure - For the perception of textile forms


The exhibits, some of which were created exclusively for the unique architecture of the exhibition venue, explore the materiality of textiles in relation to architecture, social space and nature, as well as the intimate relationship between fabric and the personal, physical and haptic. Olga Ulmann's works are manifestations of the desire for the tactile.  Guilty Pleasure promises what would await us if we gave in to this tactile urge.  

Sorn Patharakorn  - "the high gate"

Light artwork at the Künstlerhaus, December 10 to December 30, 2021

To the picture gallery - click here!


Light artwork, "the high gate"

Nervous Water

Francois Schwamborn  Mixed Media

Nervous Wateris a work that was created during the three-month residency at Künstlerhaus Meinersen. It is the result of the artist examination of his surroundings.


Francois Schwambornworked in Meinersen on the movement and reflections of water. In this way, the artist brings photographs from the outside into the interior of the Künstlerhaus and thus focuses on the everyday and the ephemeral by depicting them in a special light.

Pictures of the presentation of October 28th - Please click here

"finger flowers" by Ping Qui

To the picture gallery I -click here!

To the picture gallery II -click here!

Ping Qiu was born in Wuhan PR China in 1961, studied painting at the Fine Art Academy in Hangzhou and went to the HdK nach  Berlin on the recommendation of the Chinese sculptor Shinkichi Tajiri .
Here she initially continued to paint in her traditional Chinese technique, but was overwhelmed by the European culture shock and stated that she could not continue this painting in Germany.
She tried to paint "European" but could not overcome her internalized realism. She finally managed to emancipate herself from traditional Chinese art through the medium of installation. This was completely new to her and here she was finally able to develop new artistic potential.
In particular, the red rubber gloves became her preferred material. She sewed these together and arranged them on bodies of water to create a poetic impression of water lilies, reminiscent of the water lilies painted by Claude Monet.
The finger flowers have become her trademark, but her work is far  more than delicate flowers.
She has already shown these in New York, on the Grand Canal in Venice, at the Biennale in Havana, in the Mies van der Rohe House in Berlin, in Korea, Worpswede and now in Meinersen.


Jochen Weise July 2021

Janina Baldhuber

current exhibition:

"closed society"

(please click !)


After her first artistic works, which were created at the theater, Janina Baldhuber is still attached to spatial representations. However, the room itself has now become the subject of her work. Be it the digital space, in which algorithms mainly generate content that serves one's own self and allows the World Wide Web to shrink into a hermetic space.  Or the classic single-family house, in which mostly four people Small families in cells seek retreat.
The works “Types” and “Geschlosse Gesellschaft” are about demarcation and exclusion, inclusion and exclusion. What effects do the spaces in which we live voluntarily and compulsorily have on the individual and on social interaction? Do "foreign" and uncontrollable influences represent an enrichment or a burden? How much space does the individual supposedly need in order to be able to develop? What changes and requirements are public and private spaces subject to? The exhibited works show both documentary and fictional photographs, as well as concrete and fictional room installations. At the same time, the themed rooms open up their own spaces within us – space for questions and fantasies.


The wave

Light art project by

Katerina Kuznetcowa

Alexander Edisherov

20. until April 26th


Overview of all exhibitions, lectures and other events from 2008 to 2020

(A click on "Bilder" opens the corresponding picture gallery)

           23.03.2023    Sabrina Gebhard - "Die Chance der Kunsttherapie"

                                 K&K - Vortrag

Bilder 25.02.2023     Eunjeong Kim"Floating Painting"

                                  Ausstellung 26.02. - 19.03. 2023

Bilder 18.11.2022     "ECHO" - Lichtkunst in Seershausen

                                 Bernd Schulz

Bilder 22.10.2022     3. Herbstakademie

Bilder 16.09.2022     Christian Riebe, "Die Rückkehr der Götter"

                                 Ausstellung 16.09. - 09.10. 2022

           17.07.2022    15. Sommerakademie

                                 Bilder: Arbeitsgruppe Kim, Trezinski

                                 Bilder: Arbeitsgruppe von Richthofen

                                 Bilder: Arbeitsgruppe Warzecha

                                 Bilder: Arbeitsgruppe Weise

           07.07.2022    Pit Noack, "KI in der Kunst", Vortrag

Bilder 18.03.2022    Olga Ulmann "Zur Wahrnehmung von textilen Formen"

                                 Ausstellung 19.03. - 10.04. 2022

Bilder  10.12.2021    Sorn Patharakorn   "das hohe Tor" - Lichtkunstwerk                                           Lichtkunst-Stipendium, Thomas Heidtmann

Bilder  28.10.2021    Francois Schwamborn "Nervous Water" - Präsentation

Bilder  10.09.2021   "Der letzte Auftritt" - Landartprojekt

                                  Fotoausstellung - Kolmer, Rodloff, Schönthaler Schulz

Bilder   01.08.2021    14. Sommerakademie

Bilder   21.07.2021     Ping Qui, "Fingerflowers"

                                   Installation auf dem Künstlerhausteich

Bilder    28.05.2021    Janina Baldhuber, "Geschlossene Gesellschaft"

                                    Ausstellung 29.05. - 20.06. 2021

Video    20.04.2021    "Die Welle" Lichtkunstinstallation

                                    Kateriona Kuznetkowa & Alexander Edisherov

Bilder    05.03.2021    Greta von Richthofen "Das Gute am Ende des Tages"

                                    Ausstellung 05.03. - 28.03. 2021

Bilder    11.09. 2020    David Berkel  "Sediment.Mal.Tableau"

                                    Ausstellung 11.09. - 04.10. 2020

Bilder    19.07. 2020    13. Sommerakademie

Bilder   13.03. 2020     Isabell Schulte,  part III-V
                                    Ausstellung 14.3..- 29. 3.2020
Bilder    18.10. 2019   Frank Schaefer - „hier geht‘s woanders hin“
                                   Ausstellung 18.10 - 3. 11. 2019
Bilder    26.09. 2019    Ausflug ins 24-Stunden-Museum in Celle     
Bilder    08.09. 2019    Lisa Haucke - Heimat im Plural - Heimat als Fragment
                                    Ausstellung 24.08. - 08.09. 2019
Bilder    14.07. 2019    12. Sommerakademie (Werkausstellung)    
Bilder    10.05. 2019    Simon Pasieka - Malerei, Eröffnung 19 Uhr
                                   Ausstellung 11. bis 26. 05. 2019, Sa. & So 15-18 Uhr
             04. 04. 2019    K&K - Video Animations Filme „The Night Revel           Bilder    22.02. 2019    „Long dark Blues“ -Maria Trezinski
                                    Ausstellung  - Eröffnung
Bilder    09.11. 2018    „PLATZIERTE“  - 6 Künstler - 1 Ausstellung
Bilder    27.09. 2018    TOBIAS KUNZE - Poetry Slammer
Bilder    24.08. 2018    Luise Ritter - Räumen
                                   Präsentation der Map of Meinersen
                                    Austellung von Zeichnungen über das Wohnen
Bilder    08.07. 2018    11. Sommerakademie (Werkausstelleung)    
Bilder    07. 07. 2018   11. Sommerakademie (Porträtruppe Weis)
Bilder    25. 05 2018    STATE OF THE NATION
                                   Themba Khumalo - Ausstellung
Bilder    16.02. 2018    Paloma Riewe  - „am Wasser“
                                   Installation und Zeichnung von der Stille
             30.11. 2017    K&K *)   mit Jaco van Schalkwyk
                                  „schwarz-weiss“ - Impressionen aus dem Künstlerhaus
Bilder    13.11. 2017    Schülerprojekt mit Paloma Riewe
Bilder    29.09  2017    Ausstellung  Esra Oezen
                                   Kunstpreis 2016/2017
Bilder     25.06. 2017    10. Sommerakademie
             09.06. 2017    „UFER“  Videoinstallation   Meike Redeker
             02.03. 2017    Gerd Schlüter  „Metamorphosen und Fraktale“
                                    K&K *) - Ausstellung & Podiumsdiskussion               
             27.01. 2017   „PARADISE BURN" ,   Ausstellung Friderike Jäger

Bilder     04.11. 2016   „Nordkorea - Die Kraft der Träume“
                                     Fotoausstellung Xiomara Bender
              29.09. 2016   „Junge Kunst in Südafrika“,   

                                     K&K *) - Vortrag  Jochen Weise
Bilder     05.08. 2016  „ A Toast to a Ghost“
                                      Ausstelung, 14 Berliner Künstler
Bilder     27.06. 2016    9. Sommerakademie
             16.04. 2016    „Untrodden Areas“  Ausstellung Delia Jürgens

              05.04. 2016    „Local Heroes“ - K&K-Vortrag  *)                                                                          Fotoprofessor Rolf Nobel
             25.02. 2016    „Kunst außerhalb des Museums“ 

                                     K&K *) -Vortrag Anna Grunemann
Bilder    06.11. 2015    „PATCHWORK“, Ausstellung
                                   Rank, Schallenberg, Maurer, Taschowski
Bilder    24.10. 2015    K&K *) - Fahrt nach Hannover
                                   87. Ausstellg. nds. Künstler
             15.10. 2015    K&K *) - „Von der Kunst leben - ...“
                                    Vortrag Achim Leseberg
Bilder    26.09. 2015    „DEAR FEAR“  Ausstellung Lisa Seebach
Bilder    29.07. 2015    8. Sommerakademie
Bilder    14.05. 2015   „Jazz Colours"   Ausstellung  Jürgen Born
Bilder    13.03. 2015    „ENTFANT TERRIBLES“
                                    Ausstellung Nana Bastrup & Matvey Slavin
               05.02. 2015    „Ist 7 Viel ?“, K&K *) - Vortrag Pro. A. Bee
              04.12. 2014    „Wandmalerei",  K&K *) Vortrag w. Brunner


*) K&K = Veranstaltungsreihe  "Kunst und Kommunikation"


Bilder    12.09. 2014   „Rückkehr“
                                   Ausstellung Young-Bae Kim
Bilder    04.08. 2014   7. Sommerakademie
            03.07. 2014   „Das Kunstmuseum in Wolfsburg

                                   und die Ausstellung Oskar Kokoschka
                                  Vortrag Ute Lefahrt Polland
Bilder    25.4. 2014    “Am anderen Ende“
                                  Ausstellung Undine Bandelin
Bilder    27.03. 2014   „Kunst als Herausforderung“
                                    Vortrag  M. Stoeber
Bilder    01.03. 2014    „Meinersen 2013 - Fotoausstellung

                                   Eine  Bestandsaufnahme“                  
Bilder    22.11. 2013   „Meinersen 2013 -

                                   Eine Bestandsaufnahme“
                                  Ausstellung Norddeutsche Realisten
             24.10. 2013  „Begegnung mit dem Witz“
                                  Marco Finkenstein
Bilder    07.09. 2013    „Das Dach voller Gedanken“
                                   Ausstellung Johanna Silbermann
Bilder    06.07. 2013    6. Sommerakademie
             06.06. 2013   „VW Design - Die Kunst der guten Form“
                                    Vortrag von Ric Drews
Bilder    06.04. 2013    Werkschau  - Heiko Wommelsdorf
Bilder    15.02. 2013    „Blue Moon“  Ausstellung Arno Auer
Bilder    02.11. 2012    „Follow me in Twitter“
                                   Ausstellung Vera Burmester
Bilder    07.09. 2012    „WESENTLICH MENSCHLICHES“
                                  Ausstellung Regine Herms
             08.08. 2012   „Kunst & Medien“
                                   Vortrag Daniela Behrens
Bilder    28.07. 2012   5. Sommerakademie
Bilder    26.05. 2012   „EAST meest WEST II“
                                  Ausstelung Han Yin Ju  & Philipp Mager
           19.04. 2012   „Wohin geht die Kunst“
                                 Vortrag Klaus-Dieter Gleitze
            25.03. 2012   „Tag der Vereine“
                                    Fotoausstellung Nadine Decker
Bilder    03.02. 2012    „isolation for free“
                                   Ausstellung Nadine Decker
             24.11. 2011   „Die Frage nach der Qualität in der Kunst“
                                  Vortrag Giso Westing
Bilder    24.09. 2011   „addition - progression - ornament“
                                 Ausstellung Jochen Weise
            25.08. 2011   „Graffiti - Provokation trifft Sozialisation“
                                 Vortrag Patrick Walton
            11.07. 2011   4. Sommerakademie
Bilder    14.05. 2011  „EAST meets WEST“
                                  Ausstellung Han Yin Ju
Bilder    26.03. 2011   „curtain call“
                                  Ausstellung Samuel Henne
Bilder    26.02. 2011    „... Remember Meinersen“
                                 Ausstellung Jahrgang 12 d. Gymnasiums
Bilder    08.12. 2010   „IRRITATIIONEN“
                                  Kooperation Künstlerhaus-Gymnasium
            03.11. 2010   „Fokus Fotografie“
                                   Vortrag Bernd Rodrian
Bilder    25.09. 2010    „Strahlungen“
                                    Ausstellung Jérôme Chazeix
            28.06. 2010     3. Sommerakademie
           15.05. 2010      Malerei-Zeichnungen.Fotoobjekte-Video
                                   Ausstellung Hanno Kübler
Bilder    27.02. 2010    „Malerei und Skulptur“ Ausstellung

                                     Monika Gralher & Maren Panke
Bilder    25.10. 2009    „20 Jahre - 20 Künstler“
                                    Ausstellung zum 20-jährigen Jubiläum
            02.10. 2009      „Mirror Symmetry“
                                    Ausstellung Annika Hippler
           04.09. 2009        „... wer hat Angst vor Kunst?“    
                                    ULTRASCHALL- die Impro Talkshow
                                    mit Anke Sondhof
Bilder    29.06. 2009    2. Sommerakademie
Bilder    05.06. 2009    „use of geometry“
                                    Ausstellung Nina Maria Küchler
Bilder    10.05. 2009    „Entdeckungen“ - Tag der offenen Tür
              28.11. 2008    „Edenprojekt“
                                    Ausstellung Sabine Hauptmanns
              22.08. 2008  „Drinnen und Draußen - Kanggarten
                                   Ausstellung Martin Schöne
              01.08. 2009    „Schilderwald“-Projekt Vera Burmester
              19.07. 2008    Tag der offenen Tür
Bilder     14.07. 2008    1. Sommerakademie
              30.05. 2008    Ausstellung der Arbeiten von

                                     Mi Jean Kang

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