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Iryna Vorona

Iryna Vorona

... born in Ukraine, lives and works in Kyiv. PhD in Culture and Art, MA in Fine Arts.

She is a social activist, artist and researcher, working across visual art and theory.


Iryna Vorona attaches great importance to physical and sensory experience in her artistic practice, researching changes in individuality under the influence of external factors, such as the environment and society. In her work storytelling, visual art and the social role of identity and emotions are key to imagine and examine clashes between artificial and natural relations, pain and social isolation, borders and independence. Working in a wide variety of media she explores the visual and social languages of connection between people and nature.


2018-2022 – Doctor of Philosophy study in Theory and History of Arts at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAFAA). Kyiv, Ukraine.

2012-2018 – Graduated from the NAFAA. Fine arts. Master’s degree. Artist-Painter, Researcher, Teacher.

2017 – Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts (ALU). Erasmus + program. Zagreb, Croatia. 

2005-2008 – Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics. Bachelor’s degree in Philology.


A summary of awards/achievements/projects: 

2022-2023 – Non-Resident Fellow at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.

2022 – The book “Portrait archive: the war diary”, published with a grant from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

2022 – Land art project “The countermyth of home safety”. EU-funded program.

2022 – “Jam Factory” Art Center Grant. Lviv, Ukraine.

2022 – Active citizens local training, hold by the British council in Ukraine. Certificate. 

2021 – Winner of the Digital labs program hold by the “House of Europe”.

2021 – III place in the Ukrainian-German competition of innovations “Falling Walls Lab” with the project “Library of artists stories” dedicated to the pandemic experience. 

2021, 2018 – Ukraine President scholarship.

2019 – Ukraine President Grant. Media art project “Qr-truth”.

2019 – Grant of Mobility “Culture Bridges”, implemented by the British Council. 

2018, 2016 – Diploma of International academy of the rating technologies and sociology “Golden Fortune”. 2018 – Kyiv head of administration art prize for special record of achievements in development of the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv.

2017 – Finalists of A. Kryvolap Art Prize, Cultprostir, Ukraine.

2015 – Honorable Diploma of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.


Solo exhibitions: 

2019 – Art project “Insight” at “LAVRA” Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. With the support of the Department of Culture Kyiv City State Administration. 

2019 – Art project “Qr-Truth” at “Tuzov Gallery”. Kyiv, Ukraine.  2018 – “I-Reflection” at the art space “ASTARTA”. Kyiv, Ukraine.

2017 – “Finland I see you” at “II contemporary art centre”. Ii, Finland.

The works are in the collections of museums and galleries: 

  • Korsakiv Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art. Lutsk, Ukraine.

  • Bukhanchuk Museum of Fine Arts. Kmytiv, Ukraine.

  • Honoré de Balzac Literary and Memorial Museum. Verkhivnya, Ukraine.

  • “Karas Gallery” est. in 1995, Kyiv, Ukraine.

  • Kyiv city art Gallery “LAVRA”, the main municipal gallery of Kyiv, est. 1996.

  • "Josip Račić" Gallery of the National Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb, Croatia, est. 1992.


Aktuelle Stipendiaten / Künstlerischer Leiter

ehemalige Stipendiaten (alphabetisch) - hier


Dmytro Dotsenko

Dmytro Dotsenko (geb. 1994, Saporischschja) ist ein ukrainischer Künstler, dessen Werke die Erforschung und Entwicklung klassischer ästhetischer und stilistischer Tendenzen in der ukrainischen bildenden Kunst verkörpern. Er konzentriert sich darauf, die Traditionen der byzantinischen Schrift, der Renaissance, des Barocks und der Avantgarde im Kontext der Ereignisse und der Wahrnehmung der Welt mit zeitgenössischen Themen und Sinnen neu zu überdenken.

Auf diese Weise stellt der Autor einen Dialog zwischen der Welt und dem ukrainischen kulturellen und künstlerischen Erbe her und zeigt die Identität der ukrainischen Kunst in ihrer tiefen Verbundenheit mit der eigenen Vergangenheit sowie mit den ästhetischen Traditionen der europäischen Zivilisation auf.

Die Ereignisse der Revolution der Würde, die Annexion der Krim durch die Russische Föderation, der Beginn des hybriden Krieges in der Donbass-Region durch Russland und die Invasion im Jahr 2022 hatten eine große Bedeutung für die Bildung des zivilen und nationalen Bewusstseins des Künstlers. Als Künstler konnte er die großen Tragödien und Herausforderungen, die durch den Versuch des russischen Imperiums, seine ehemalige Kolonie zurückzuerobern, verursacht wurden, nicht ignorieren, was einen großen Einfluss auf die Werke des Künstlers hat.   

2023-2026 - Doktor der Künste, Nationale Akademie der Schönen Künste und Architektur (NAFAA), Kiew

2021-2022 - Master of Arts, Monumentalmalerei, NAFAA, Kiew

2017-2021 - Bachelor, Monumentalmalerei, NAFAA, Kiew

2013-2017 - Staffeleimalerei, Staatliche Akademie für Design und Kunst, Charkiw,

2010-2017 - Junior, Grafiker, Zaporizhzhia College of Electrical Engineering.


Nora Lube

Nora Lube

In Nora Lube's spatial installations, intimate and public places overlap. She deals with embodied knowledge that is bound up in human physicality as well as in the materials that surround us. Her installations contain linguistic remnants, memories of supposed security and fossils from economic and organic landscapes.


2019–2023 HBK Braunschweig Diploma in Fine Arts, Specialist class Thomas Rentmeister

2022 HBK Braunschweig, second class Bo Zheng

2022 Berlin Weissensee School of Art Second Class Else Gabriel

2014–2018 HTW Berlin, studied BA fashion design, Great Anke Schlöder, Johanna Michel

2010–2013 AES Darmstadt vocational training as a tailor

Exhibitions (selection)

2023 Longue Tongue, Galerie Nina Mielcarczyk, Leipzig

2023 Expiry date 2, Galerie brutal, Hanover 2023 A shadow of a shadow, diploma exhibition at HBK Braunschweig

2022 malfunctioning storage, Stadtgalerie, Kiel

2022 expiry date, roam, Berlin

2022 Diagonale 4 / Transfinity, Verwalterhaus Kulturkapellen, Berlin

2022 Curatorial part de Deux – Artists of the working arts, Commercial complex Königstadt, artspring, Berlin

2021 emerge from dark water, KÖ20, Hanover

2021 080321, installation in public spaces, Hanover

2021 kon.:takt, make-up, Berlin

2021 provide energy preserve memories, Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge, Berlin

Scholarships and grants

2022 project funding from the Alexander Tutsek Foundation

2020/21 Germany Scholarship from HBK Braunschweig


Kateryna Tkachenko


Kateryna Tkachenko


... is the scholarship holder of the Bösenberg Foundation in the Meinersen Artists' House. She is a draftswoman from Ukraine and in her ballpoint pen drawings she is currently dealing with the combination of everyday details and the traces of life that can be found on the faces of people around her. ​ ​


2002          born in Odessa, Ukraine

2019-2023 Kyiv University Major: Marketing/Advertising Bachelor 2008-2013 Art School, Odessa, Ukraine

2015-2019 Kostandi Art Technical School, Odessa, Ukraine May 2023 -                 February

2024 Scholarship Künstlerhaus Meinersen

Instagram  @nazlovragam


Jochen Weise,Artistic Director

Fotografie  © Marion Seida

In 1990, Jochen Weise was one of the first scholarship recipients at the Meinersen Künstlerhaus.


In 2011 he was invited to a solo exhibition as an "former" and asked to take over the artistic direction of the house.


Since then he has been living and working in the Künstlerhaus, is a collegial contact person for the scholarship holders and mediator to the board.


He develops concepts for exhibitions, lectures and grants, and also represents the Künstlerhaus nationally in the art scene.

Born in 1946  in Gleichen near Göttingen

1961 - 1970   toolmaker

1970 - 1974   studied painting, Hanover University of Applied Sciences

1974 - 1976   studied painting, HBH Braunschweig, Prof. Malte Sartorius

1986              work  scholarship from the state of Lower Saxony

1987              Tibet travel scholarship from the Alexander Dorner Circle

1990              studio scholarship at the Künstlerhaus Meinersen of the Lower
                    Saxony Sparkasse Foundation

1992             scholarship from the Wolfsburg Castle etching workshop

1997             work scholarship from the state of Lower Saxony

Since            2012 artistic advisor at Künstlerhaus Meinersen

2016            annual scholarship from the Lower Saxony Ministry for science
                   and culture

                    Syltfoundation scholarship for Johannesburg, South Africa
                  Residence scholarship at the Martin Kausche Studio in


2022            residency scholarship at the Künstlerhaus Nordhalben

2023            residency scholarship from the State Chancellery and Ministry for
                   Culture of the State of Saxony - Anhalt, Röderhof Art Association ​


Former scholarship holders(Alphabetical)

a chronological list can be found here

underlined:  artist's website

Arno Auer                       2012

Undine Bandelin             2013

Janina Baldhuber           2021

Nana Bastrup                 2015

Armin Baumgarten         1997

Rolf Bier                         1991

Janka Blankertz              2001

Tina Born                       1994

Emy Brenneke               1997

Vera Burmester              2007

Bernhard Büttner           1992

Jerome Chazeix             2009

Carmen Machado Cruz 1992

Nadine Decker               2011

Thomas Eckerle             1996

Alexander Edisherov      2021

Astrid Eggert                  1994

Max Elsholz                    1996

Zhou Fei                          2004

Johanna Fiebelkorn        1996

Judith Fischeder             1992

Norbert Fleischer            1996

Gerdine Frenck               2000

Gerd Gockell                   2001

Anna Grunemann            2001

Bernd Hahn                    1990

Roger Hahn                    1999

Mirella Halfar                  1991

Han Jin Yu (Ting Ting)    2010

Lisa Haucke                    2019

Beate Haupt                   1993

Sabine Hauptmanns       2008

Sina Heffner                    2006

Thomas Heidtmann        2021

Samuel Henne                2010

Fabian Hesse                  2016

Annika Hippler                2008

Ha Cha Youn                   1998

Friederike Jäger               2016

Justus                               2004

Delia Jürgens                   2015

Mi Jean Kang                   2004

Themba Khumalo             2018

Ziad el Kilani                    1990

Eunjeong Kim                   2022

Astrid Köppe                    2000

Nina Maria Küchler          2008

Hanno Kübler                  1998

Petra Kaltenmorgen        1997
Young-Bae Kim               1995
Doris Kuwert                   1992

Katerina Kuznetcowa     2021
Odine Lang                     2003
Jörg Lange                     1993
Ines Lietz                        1999
Andreas Ludwig             1995
Philipp Mager   (Video)   2011
Charlotte Moerker           1989

Antonio Alvarez Morán   1992

Masahiro Moriguchi        1992

Michael Nedved             1996

Boris Nieslony                 1997

Anne Nissen                    2001

Susanne Maurer              2002

Cristiane Oppermann     1996

Llucia Mundet Palli         1999

Lisa Pakschies                2000

Eun-mi Park                    1999

Simon Pasieka                1998

Sorn Patharakorn           2021

Andreas Pohl                  2002

Kathrin Rank                   2001

Meike Redeker               2017

Thomas Redeker            1997

K. Redeker-Warter          1997

Christian Riebe               1993

Greta von Richthofen      2020

Paloma Riewe           2017

Klaus Rieck               1998

Günter Ries               2001

Luise Ritter                2018

Frank Schaefer          1998

Mirko Schallenberg   1998

Silke Schatz               1997

Tilo Schiemenz          1991

Julia Schmid              1998

Martin Schöne           2007

Jaco van Schalkwyk  2017

Volker Schönwart       1992

Isabell Schulte         2020

F. Schwamborn           2021

Lisa Seebach             2014

Johanna Silbermann  2013

Johanna Simiatek       2002

Wilken Skurk               2003

Matvey Slavin             2015    
Marek Szenk              2004
Marc Taschowsky
Anja Teske                 2002
Piet Trantel                 1993
Johannes Treutler      1992
Maria Trezinski

Olga Ulmann              2021

Heiko Wommelsdorf  2012
Ute Wöllmann
Jochen Weise            1990
Detlef Wingerath
Michael Wirkner         1994
Jürgen Witte               1998
Raimund Zakowski     1998
Jörn Zehe                   1990

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