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Meinersen history


Merian Stich.jpg

Merian engraving from 1654

In the Middle Ages, Meinersen was the seat of the "Meinersen family", who were first mentioned in 1147. They received their dominions directly as imperial fiefs and were not subordinate to any prince or duke. From 1248 to 1260, Oda von Meinersen was the abbess of the combined Gernrode and Frose monasteries. In 1292, troops of the Duke of Brunswick conquered the moated castle of Meinersen, which stood on the Weinberg district east of the Oker. In 1316, Duke Otto the "Strict of Lüneburg" destroyed the castle and added Meinersen to the principality of Lüneburg. Around 1350 a castle was built on the west side of the 0ker. During the HiIdesheim collegiate feud (1518-23) there was severe damage, but as a Merian engraving from 1654 shows, the palace complex was restored. In its place, the office building, todays artists house (Künstlerhaus), was built in 1765. The family von Meinersen  died out in 1367 with the death of Bernhard II. In 1428 Meinersen reverted to the Duchy of Brunswick and was then loaned or pledged to various owners. In 1532 the duchy set up the Meinersen office, which existed until 1885 and collected taxes from the residents.

The clerks house

Former office building -today "Künstlerhaus"

The clerks house  (Amtsschreiberhaus) was built in 1745 as the official residence of the senior official . The two-story half-timbered
building with pink partitions is slightly behind
set north of the main street. At  the dissolution of the Meinersen office in 1885,
became an agricultural school there
set up, which existed there until 1965.


After a short transition period as a police
station the municipal administration moved 1971 into  the historic building. 1986-90
the new seat of the joint municipality Meinersen was created. For this purpose, the restored Official clerks house and  an equally old one Outbuildings are connected  by a glass corridor.


Official clerks house - today part of the town hall



The former office building of Meinersen is a
two-storey half-timbered building from 1765 directly on the main street.

It was built as the office the officials of the Meinersen  government office. Meinersen Castle used to stand here, and remains of the wall can still be found in the ground.

After the dissolution of the office in 1895, the house served as the official residence of the judge at the district court until 1959. After that it was used as a kindergarten. 1989 it was set up  as an artist-house (Künstlerhaus), with six studio apartments. Here highly talented, young artists from Germany and abroad can work artistically for a year in rural seclusion..

The "Künstlerhaus"  has been municipally owned since 1989 and is managed by a supporting association "Künstlerhaus Meinersen e.V..


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Views from Meinersen

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