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The artist house / "Künstlerhaus"  Meinersen,

....offers up to three artists one each Studio-

and living space. Two halls offer space for the most diverse activities or exhibitions and the rustic, romantic atmosphere of the vaulted cellar is an excellent one Setting for cabaret events. Since 1989, over 110 scholarship recipients in full or half-year stay a multitude of different onesworks created. Painters and sculptors work with filmmakers, lighting and Action artists in good company together. Artists from Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Syria ..... brought in elements of their culture. 

Focus of the clubs efforts is to offer the scholarship holders as much as possible a creative work environment. In addition, the contact to interested citizens from Meinersen and the Region through regular exhibitions, seminars and joint projects should be intensified. 

Executive Board and Artistic Advisory Board, - a mixture of art-highschools, district and municipal associationsadministration and private sector, work on a voluntary basis.

Members and scholarship providers shared the cost of maintenanceof the house and the scholarships.

The "Künstlerhaus in the changing of the seasons

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